The faithful dog, the cuddly cat, the powerful horse and many other animals enrich the lives of us humans. The well-being of these animals is very close to the hearts of most people. But animals can also become ill. They can suffer both physically and psychologically. A means to alleviate or even end this suffering can be CBD in many cases.

CBD stands for cannabidiol. It is a product from the hemp plant. According to current knowledge, the hemp contains from a little more than 100 different cannabinoids. CBD, but also THC, are components of these. Unlike THC, however, CBD is not psychoactive, it is not addictive and does not cause intoxication. Thus, CBD can usually be used safely in animals.

It is important to mention that CBD is a purely natural product. Many pet owners responsibly pay exact attention that everything your pet gets to eat has been produced without adulterating chemical substances. This is an important factor for the food itself, as well as for food supplements. Basically, we can say about CBD for animals that, on the one hand, it can strengthen the physical condition due to its multiple positive properties. On the other hand, CBD can cushion stressful situations in animals, for example. In addition, CBD has a natural anti-inflammatory effect on horses, dogs, cats, cows or other animals. And so far, hardly any side effects worth mentioning are known.

How does CBD work in animals?

The knowledge that humans have a so-called endocannabinoid system (ECS) is now common knowledge. The receptors that belong to this system are distributed throughout the body. CBD connects with these receptors (CB1 and CB2) and usually positively affects bodily functions. An important finding about mammals such as dogs or cats is that they also have an ECS. This means that CBD products such as CBD oil, CBD capsules or CBD ointments have the same effect on animals.

Surveys on animals are not very promising. Therefore, the researchers agreed to use behavioral observations to find out exactly how CBD affects animals. It turned out that the perception of pain and the consciousness of animals receiving CBD changed. Thus, CBD seems to have the same effect on animals as has been demonstrated in humans[1]. CBD in animals thus has the same analgesic effect as in humans.

CBD for animals with chronic inflammation

In addition to the analgesic effect, CBD can be used to treat other conditions in animals. These include, among others, those that are based on chronic inflammation. These often occur in animals because they are favored by genetic dispositions due to a weakened immune system. Many animals therefore suffer from gastric inflammation. Noticeable symptoms are refusal to eat and painful behavior during elimination. CBD for animals can help with inflammation. Researchers found in a study[2] that many intestinal inflammations are triggered by lipopolysaccharides. Adding CBD to the sick organism was shown to have a positive effect on fighting inflammation in the colon.

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