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treees is your CBD store and offers you EU-certified CBD products with uncompromising quality, maximum purity from controlled organic cultivation. So you can be sure to enjoy the valuable effect of the hemp plant legally and sustainably. Whether CBD oils, CBD flowers, CBD extracts, CBD cosmetics or other CBD products:
We test all of them regularly in independent, neutral laboratories, and have them tested for quality, purity and ingredients by independent organizations such as Arge Canna.

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100% natural

With us you buy the purest CBD products from controlled organic cultivation. Our CBD products are guaranteed free of any chemicals, additives and harmful substances. With treees you can trust in the power of nature. treees CBD products are not psychoactive and 100% legal.

EU certified

Our CBD products are made from EU certified hemp plants.
produced. The plants grow on healthy soils in the Netherlands, Switzerland and Austria. We control every step of the process
step - from cultivation to hand-picked harvest to delivery.

CO2 extraction method

We extract our organic CBD oils and CBD extracts with a gentle CO2 extraction process. This way, the healthy ingredients of the hemp plant - the terpenes as well as the entire spectrum of valuable cannabinoids (CBD/CBDa) remain undamaged.

CBD einfach erklärt

Many have heard of CBD. But how well do you know about cannabinoids? Do you have gaps in your knowledge or specific questions about CBD and are looking for reliable answers? In our .hemp CBD wiki you will definitely find what you are looking for.

Quality promise

Products from treees exceed all existing quality requirements. We guarantee the highest quality and purity in our excellent health products.

Zertifizierte treees CBD Qualität


Bei Analysen unabhängiger Konsumentenschutzorganisationen werden in CBD- und Hanf-Produkten regelmäßig alarmierende Belastungen mit Giften und Schadstoffen gefunden. Damit unsere Kunden die Sicherheit haben, dass alle Produkte von Treees nur von höchster Qualität und absolut rein sind, haben wir uns zu den umfangreichsten Tests am Markt verpflichtet.

CBD is not THC

CBD and THC are two of the most well-known ingredients of the hemp plant. However, there is a crucial difference: CBD products do not have a psychoactive effect and therefore do not make you high. Instead, a relaxing effect occurs when using CBD products.

For man and animal

CBD oil also works in animals when the body's cannabinoid system is activated in your pet by, for example, stress, anxiety or pain. The effect of CBD on physiological processes is therefore indirect and aimed at improving the functioning of the body.

CBD (ECS) positively regulates various processes in our human body.

Höchster Anspruch


Wer mit offenen Augen durch die Welt geht, der sieht, dass sich der Hanf seinen Status zurückerarbeitet. Immerhin baut die Menschheit Hanf schon seit über 10.000 Jahren als Nutzpflanze an. Vor allem in Form von CBD Öl hat Cannabis seinen Weg zurück ins Licht gefunden.

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A new attitude to life

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CBD (ECS) regulates various processes in our body.

Pain (e.g. migraine, rheumatism, arthrosis) - appetite - nausea - mood - sleep-wake rhythm - memory - inflammation - immune reactions (e.g. allergies, cancer) - signal transmission during movements - cardiovascular function - addictive behavior

CBD 5%

24,95 €

CBD 5%

29,95 €

CBD 5% for animals

 24,95 €

CBD 10%

44,95 €

CBD-Full spectrum 10%

49,95 €

CBD-Full spectrum 15%

59,95 €

CBD-Full spectrum 15%

69,95 €

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The quality of our treees products is ensured by permanent quality controls in external and independent laboratories. You receive a product that corresponds exactly to your desired concentration and is free of unwanted substances.

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